Giving Birth to Bach and Baby…

It’s amazing how similar it is to start with an idea, germinate it, cultivate it and then voila! Give birth to it like a baby.  As I prepare to release my latest album, ‘Air-The Bach Album’ on Valentine’s Day, 2012, I started to think of the process it took to reach this place.

I listened to the Bach Concertos in A minor and E major, and the Double Concerto my entire life. My earliest memories of this music are when we were on a family vacation, driving in the beautiful woods of Canada.  We had to leave our beautiful new puppy named Melody, back home in California. My dad got off the pay phone (that’s how it was back then!) and had a very somber look on his face…we found out she picked up an infection and died in the kennel. It was one of the saddest memories I have as a child and this music was wafting through the car, patting and soaking up my tears…

Andante from ‘Air-The Bach Album’

I also remember playing the Bach Double Concerto at my teacher, Dorothy DeLay’s memorial.  The folks who had their last name begin with A-M got first fiddle and M-Z got second, with Itzhak Perlman conducting.  It was also one of the saddest days of my life, remembering the woman who gave all of us so much to challenge our lives with, joy and humor. But it was incredible to have all these violinists who’s lives were affected by one grand lady, together because of Bach. Playing Bach, I always think how he has influenced our lives with the deep profundity his music has reached in us all.

From the time my record producer at eOne Records, Susan Napodano DelGiorno, started discussing this project, to the actual recording sessions in London, this past May and New York, this past September, to editing, photography, mastering, finalizing product and release, will be a year long process. Just like a baby!  You can see a bit of the incredible making of this album here:

Thank you Johann Sebastian Bach for giving us this incredible music and baby No.2.
I can’t wait to see your pretty face this spring……..



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  1. Gene Huang says:

    Wonderful blog… keep ’em coming!

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