The ‘Vieuxtemps’ Chronicles

Late in the summer last year, I had the opportunity to try a violin that had been stored under a very discriminating bed for 50 years.  My mind was racing and I was so excited at the chance-it’s like being told you can jump into that Cezanne or Rothko and experiment with the colors in the painting…..

I heard the stories of how it was the most expensive violin in the world and thought it might be a big gimmick but after trying it alone in my music room, my heart and ears exploding with sound and color, I knew this violin was something truly extraordinary. It’s range, color, depth, breadth and power, made my fingers shake with excitement. Who knew that I could play Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Barber, Sibelius, Bach like this? I couldn’t believe that what I had fantasized in a violin actually existed.

The G string sounds like a cello, the E string rings like cathedral bells and the mid range hooks it all together. How could one man make a violin like this? It’s like having super hot water and super icy cold water coming out of one spigot. The sun and the moon out at the same time.  Salt and sugar in one bite. (Dark chocolate w/sea salt and caramel comes close..:)) I thought it just was not possible….


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