All Atwitter Over Alec Baldwin

Yesterday I was tweeting with Alec Baldwin. (Amazingly, his tweets are his own!)  I am totally amazed at his tireless advocacy for the arts. Recently, I performed at a gala for WNYC/WQXR where he graciously emceed:

I remember sitting near him a few years ago on a date with my future husband at Carnegie Hall, when Martha Argerich was performing the Prokofiev Concerto No.1 with the Philadelphia Orchestra. He came alone and was totally immersed in the music-impervious to being stared at by everyone around him.

This past week, he went to Washington D.C. to lobby for musicians, dancers and artists. It is so incredible to have a passionate artist such as himself to share this important message. Where does he find the time to do as much as he does? (Capital One commercials included…) My guess is, the man never sleeps….

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2 Responses to All Atwitter Over Alec Baldwin

  1. Jeff Levenson says:

    Anne — how does one get in touch with Alec Baldwin?
    Is there an email or twitter address?

  2. AAM says:

    Hi Jeff….he is @alecbaldwin on Twitter! Good luck! Anne

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