Looking out my window in Wheeling, WVA…

I am playing  Bernstein’s great  ‘Serenade’ here in Wheeling, West Virginia, this week. Driving from the airport in Pittsburgh, I asked the driver where exactly he was taking me. He said Wheeling is on the border of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Confusing but true! So, here I am awaiting my 8 PM rehearsal to play the Bernstein. The piece is set to Plato’s Symposium. A naughty, dramatic and dynamic dialogue between myself and the orchestra, extolling the virtues and pitfalls of  love. I heard this first performed in the comfort of a rental car (love radio! read my last blog entry about that..)and was instantly mesmorized by the beauty of the 4th movement, Agathon. The violin shimmers and floats above the orchestra and there’s a big passionate cadenza as well. The last note could just go on forever- I play a harmonic note and a bell is struck at the same time. It is eerie and way cool! I did an interview for West Virginia Public Radio where you can hear me talk about the piece.

It is nice to be surrounded by nature here…you tend to forget what that’s about in New York City. I hope to get outside tomorrow for a little hike as the fitness center is closed here. With all the traveling and eating that I do, working out helps to center my energy and give me strength for all them notes! More later…ciao!


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