When you are 20 years old, don’t wear the following…

An old acquaintance who interviewed me when I was 20 years old recently contacted me. A very talented journalist/writer, I remember doing the in-person interview on the streets of Chicago. The team persuaded me to put on the most ridiculous outfit that was supposedly very ‘high fashion’. I remember wearing some kind of balloonish type shorts, hose, jacket and drumroll……….a chapeau. Yes, a hat of very dramatic proportions. Perfect if you can imagine me as a Shakespearean violin playing bard (ette) or simply, a lampshade. Yes…I re-read the interview and thought it was very honest and telling (once you got over the photo). Amazing, the things you find out about yourself-like a fine bottle of wine, one hopes to age well and be able to drink in the wisdom that develops! And speaking of wine, I hope to have a nice glass of some tonight as I pack my bags tonight to head off to California. I love listening to John Schaefer’s ‘New Sounds Show’, try to finish Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (it has taken me at least a year…I am not kidding…it’s over 1000 pages long!) and manage to get the Lekeu Piano Quartet out of my head. Have a great week!! Bye for now……


14 thoughts on “When you are 20 years old, don’t wear the following…

  1. Masako Catalina 15 years ago

    You look very cute in the picture and I love your honest & fearless
    comment :-)))
    Sophia has something to send you. It should be there soon.

  2. Anthony DeBartolo 15 years ago

    well, for the record – i had absolutely nothing to do w/ the silly outfit, i just did the interview … the only explanation i can offer is perhaps the famed fashion photog who did the shoot – Stan Malinowski – thought you played a trumpet … lol.

  3. Lorin Beatty 15 years ago

    Hello Anne, I think you’re fabulous. Atlas Shrugged is a great book. I remember reading it while lying in the grass on my farm in Hawaii. It made me laugh hysterically and cry (at different times). I don’t know if you’re getting the full effect stretching it over a year like that. Though I’m sure you’re far busier than I’ve ever been.
    Let me ask you, do you think 28 is too old to start learning the violin?

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  7. KrisBelucci 15 years ago

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    1. AAM 15 years ago

      No problem! Glad you enjoyed the embarrassing article…:)

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  9. AndrewBoldman 15 years ago

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  11. AAM 14 years ago

    Just don’t use the pic-there are copyright issues there.
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