Recipe: How to Make a CD

Well, you must be 2 parts crazy and 2 parts insane. What got me started was finding out that Vivaldi died in 1741 and the Ex-‘Vieuxtemps’ Guarneri was born in 1741-one of the most incredible coincidences ever. Along the way, I also discovered this would be the debut recording of this legendary instrument-preserved for the last 50 years under a very discriminating bed in London. The violin that master violinist and composer, Henri Vieuxtemps would have liked to have been buried with.

This past August, I not only recorded the Four Seasons in London with the awesome English Chamber Orchestra, but decided to one up my last recording by playing all the parts of the Triple Concerto. On my way to London the second time in September to record Barber, Bates and Corigliano with the London Symphony, I donned headphones and put down Vivaldi violin parts two and three in New York. I also learned and recorded Arvo Part’s beautiful ‘Passacaglia’, which I performed in Estonia a few weeks prior with the composer close by…

my piles of music...

my piles of music…

There was the editing of the music, arranging for a photography team to come to Austin to shoot the album cover (all the while getting eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes), writing the liner notes, making a new website (will let you know when that is ready), new video and multimedia features, travel, concerts, practice, and lots of runny noses later, here we are! A pre-order link! The Four Seasons: The Vivaldi Album



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  1. Tony DeVoe 10 years ago

    Loved Air. Can’t wait for the New one!

    Thanks for creating and sharing such great music.