Just Don’t Call Me Swamp Thing…

I knew I was in trouble when the director of the Triple Video sat me down and told me to just hear him out. “What we want you to do is go underwater with the violin. We want to see bubbles coming from your mouth once you are completely submerged in the water. Obviously, we will have to do this in one take.”


After scouring Ebay, I found my accomplice-a $140+$60 for shipping stunt double “Guarneri model” made in China. Yes, that’s right…$60 for shipping.  Well, it was coming all the way from China!

When it arrived, I heard a large rattling sound and saw that the sound post was loose and rolling around the entire belly of the violin.  When I asked the maker (factory rep) what to do to correct it, they answered briskly, “Get a professional or teacher to insert tweezers into the violin and position the sound post.” Hmmm.  Suddenly I was a dentist? For some strange reason, I was determined to make this rattling piece of spruce sing but surrendered after the director said he needed to tape it to help seal out the water when it was to be ‘Excalibured’ over and over.

I hesitantly put on a beautiful gown made by the beautiful Parisian fashion house, J Mendel, and knew I would emerge a different woman after my one and only shot at water submersion. After spending the day in the cold water shooting many scenes all while fearing water snakes might make their way up my gown, here is the one and only take!

The 3 solo voices of the Triple Concerto are symbolized as water, fog and ice.

PS I did send the dress to the cleaners but it sadly never made it back the same a la Stephen King’s ‘Pet Semetary’.




5 thoughts on “Just Don’t Call Me Swamp Thing…

  1. Vic Strandskov 10 years ago

    That’s an interesting concept with you in the water. If that wasn’t a heated pool, you did amazingly well submerging yourself without a flinch! I’m glad there were no snakes. I still cringe every time I see the violin in the water. If it didn’t play prior to submerging, I’m sure the violin didn’t play afterwards. I liked the promo, I thought it was interesting, and I plan to buy your album soon.

  2. SPIKE BELL 10 years ago

    I do not think you would want to be in the water around here Anne Akiko Meyers last I looked it was just 9 degrees F…that is bloody cold…:( I am in the Windsor-Detroit area Michigan and Ontario the coldest with the most snow in 20 years….OUCH.. Grrrr I hate winter…:( I need to hear you version of Ave Maria to smarten me up and put me in a warmer mood…:)……

  3. Mark Klein 10 years ago

    Very cool video! And I’m really enjoying the new “Four Seasons” CD – great job!

  4. Nick Hulme 10 years ago

    What you have to do for your art!!! The results must please you greatly though, the video is stunning.
    I was inquisitive about these replica violins from China and purchased one last year; it might even have been from the same company as that arrived rattling too. The problem is that they ship them with the bridge down, which inevitably leads to the sound post becoming dislodged as it is only the tension of the strings that keeps it in place. Fortunately I am experienced at setting up violins so this was quite quickly remedied and this $140 + shipping piece of wood was quite surprisingly playable; probably the best I have tried at under $200!
    Unfortunately the Vivaldi album isn’t available in the UK for another week, thanks to Spotify I can stream it until then.

  5. Alicia 10 years ago

    We are based in Singapore and have already done a pre-order for the album last month. We’ve watched the youtube videos and enjoyed it a lot – the videos are stunning, a true art form – visual and audio wise. Waiting to receive the album hopefully soon! 🙂